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Melony Carmichael

long time no see!
Every time I am swimming with thoughts I tell myself I am going to put them in here but I forget everything!
I have instagram now, if anyone reads this my name is dreamygabby on there...
I'm working my butt off and going to to psych fest in May which will be nice.


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Hello diary,
so I am finally going home tomorrow for the holidays and I can't wait! I need to get out of my dreary routine for sure... I am supposed to be making tamales with my mom and sister..my mom's tamales are actually super delicious and have the right balance of savoriness that is hard to find in tamales. Yummy! On another note , I got a kind of nicer phone but the downside is I will become one of those people who is constantly checking their phones, which is uggh. Hmm. I really have not much interesting things to say..my anxiety and depression comes and goes. I've been really getting back into music and art which is nice...but anyways that is all. I'm tired and tomorrow I'll be getting on a plane...


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Things as of late:

  • Having bizarro dreams, including one where the devil promises me everything I want if I let him possess me, so I do and he gives me Mexican fake miniature food sets, like the ones in my childhood...

  • My new job is going swell(ish) as swell as a new job can go

  • I met a really neat/nice guy there who is in a band, readsinteresting lit, and into good music so we've become friends.

  • I feel like slaughtering baby lambs to stay a bit young.

  • Just finished reading the Painted Bird and really really enjoyed it although it disturbed me quite a bit.

  • One disturbing story which really captivated me is "bunny is good bread" by Peter Straub. Read it!

  • Not having electricity is really strange. Once I get it turned back on, I will really appreciate it more...


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At last I figured out the name of a game I used to play as a wee little lass. Midnight Rescue! Basically you were a child detective trying to figure out clues on where to find Morty Maxwell, someone who was trying to make the school disappear. You had to read articles and excerpts and get quizzed on them to find the clues. It sounds really nerdy and lame, but I loved it as a kid since I really liked to read. Anyways, I am hoping to download and play it sometime.

My boyfriend has kindly been downloading old video games to let me play as well and it's been fun.. This is coming from someone who never really grew up with games or anything like that.

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various 80s film stills taken from the communityCollapse )

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So I have a job interview tomorrow somewhere not too shabby either so I hope I get it 'cause please I need the moneyrightnow!
I've been thinking a lot about my future too and stressing out about it ..deco~otomedojo~1689
Other than that, just generally getting in the Halloween mood, omg. I love Halloween so much...I'm not really sure what I want to be yet..I've also been watching American Horror Story Asylum so that is also getting me in the mood for spookiness!Anyways...
I wish it would get cold clothes!Collapse )
I think I might be a dilapidated nurse for halloween, later!

Current Mood: hopeful hopeful

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Baking rosemary bread right now, I love the taste of it!
I finally had anchovy pizza after seeing it on the ninja turtles cartoons for years hahah. It was gross and icky and I hated it.
I also bought figs to try as I have never had the chance  and also tried cotton candy grapes( they were deliciousstrawberrydeco)
I'm ready for fall to come and embrace me. It is SO very hot lately (104 degrees yesterday!)
I am currently working on an "art-ish" zine of 80s childhood nostalgia and studying like  a boss.
I have so many sewing projects up ahead too but that will be in a separate post. My car is out of commission again! I need to purchase a new battery for it. Sigh, not having money sucks!


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Things I miss to eat in Amarillo:
forkspoonBlueberry green tea from Buns over Texas
forkspoonmarranitos from Panaderia Sanchez
forkspoonstreet corn from Elotes con Ritmo (their mangoneadas are good too)
forkspoonroot beer from K& L root beer
forkspoonPanhandle popcorn( the caramel flavor)
forkspoonClint and Sons beef jerky
forkspoonpad woon sen from any thai restaurant there
forkspoonmenudo from zest-e-taco
forkspooncurry and sushi from Young's sushi
forkspoonthe Donut Stop's donuts
I'm thinking of doing a small zine of stuff to eat around Amarillo...

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