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waa, been smoking way way too much lately.. Going through some… - Melony Carmichael

waa, been smoking way way too much lately..
Going through some very stressful shit lately, but I realize how much stronger I am getting because of it. Getting out there and meeting more and more people. Also everyone cool I have met so far is in a band, it's ridiculous! It makes me really want to work on shit. Well, sxsw is coming up and I'm kind of stoked about it. Buffalo Daughter will be there! I used to listen to them a lot in high school, thanks to now defunct livejournal tsunogae which got me into some really great acts from Japan, Korea, and China...
Let's see, what else...I'm having the feels about so many things lately I don't even know..Oh! and I got a terrriiibblee uti the other day! To the point where I had to go to the hospital!
small wishlist:
some copic markers, I miss using them!
A cute new backpack to tote my shit around..
giant hairclips
more knee socks
a cute sailor fuku(I've always wanted one!)
more cute socks and underwears
a new long wallet
some new shoes


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